Release Notes


  • Revised Focus Input command to exclude file inputs.


  • Made hint auto-activation user-configurable


  • New command Focus Input fi
  • Hints mode now auto-activates if there is exactly one hintable element and exits if there are none
  • Added new High Contrast Appearance Profile
  • Fixed regression that broke dynamic hint sizing


  • New command New Window n
  • New command New Incognito Window shift-n
  • Modified binding New Tab t
  • Modified binding Restore Tab shift-t
  • Suppressed printing of link hints to console
  • Fixed broken links


  • Fixed bug in input trie logic introduced in 1.23.0


  • Keydown default actions are prevented if the keydown event is part of a keybinding. For example, if you map ctrl-r to opening links, the page will not refresh. NOTE: some default actions CANNOT be prevented, e.g. ctrl-w ALWAYS closes the current tab.


  • New command Hard Refresh Tab shift-rshift-r


  • Stopped opening info page on every update, so you probably won't read this!
  • Fixed Pass keys mode so that it is no longer broken on Windows and Linux
  • New binding Stop Passing Keys to Page ctrl-x
  • Fixed bug that caused inputs to become unfocusable when "Prevent pages from stealing focus" is enabled.
  • Exporting options now works in Firefox
  • Renaming profiles with Enter now works in Firefox
  • Fixed typos in options page


  • Fixed bug that cause Saka Key to stop responding to key presses.
  • If problems persists, try clicking "Reset All Options" on the Options page. If this doesn't help, file an issue.


  • Fixed vulnerability that allowed any web page to trigger Saka Key commands by issuing synthetic DOM events.
  • On Chrome, Saka Key now loads into every page automatically on install and on restart, without requiring page refreshes.
  • Silenced unhelpful console log messages
  • Fixed Firefox bug that breaks Saka Key on certain pages


  • Firefox bug fix: opening links in foreground/background/new window now works
  • Chrome bug fix: After this release, updating/reloading Saka Key will not break commands in existing tabs


  • Integration with Saka - an elegant Omnibar replacement extension
  • Headers are back in the Options page
  • New command Toggle Saka l (requires installing Saka)


  • Emergency bug-fix release. The upgrade path to v1.16 wasn't tested and broke the extension (unless the user manually reset all settings).


  • Custom profiles will now be preserved when Saka Key updates
  • User's who want automatic updates should stick to built-in profiles
  • Modifying a built-in profile creates and switches to a duplicate of the built-in profile
  • Creating a New profile now creates a profile with default settings (and no keybindings)
  • Many bug fixes on the options page
  • You can now import, export, and reset your settings
  • Input handling has been updated to make it harder to accidentally issue a command
  • Modified binding Open Link in Background Tab fb
  • Modified binding Open Link in Foreground fshift-f.
  • Additional binding Next Tab ]
  • Additional binding Previous Tab [
  • Additional binding Move Tab Left shift-[
  • Additional binding Move Tab Right shift-]
  • Additional binding Move Tab First alt-[
  • Additional binding Move Tab Last alt-].
  • New command Activate Clipboard in Current Tab yf
  • New command Activate Clipboard in Background Tab yb
  • New command Activate Clipboard in Foreground Tab yshift-f
  • New command Activate Clipboard in New Window yn
  • New command Activate Clipboard in Incognito Window yshift-n.


  • Fixed bug that caused Saka Key to break when the extension was disabled then reenabled
  • Somewhat faster link hints
  • Link Hints timeout raised to 10 seconds
  • Better compatibility with pages that use Shadow DOM
  • Added "Copy Current URL to Clipboard" command with default binding yy


  • Changed to synchronous DOM Event handling for better compatibility with firefox
  • Saka Key now works consistently on websites that provide their own keyboard shortcuts, like google groups
  • Scrolling on Firefox should now work more consistently (but not yet in the popup or on pages like gmail where the scroll element can't be identified)
  • 'Prevent Page from Stealing Focus' setting should now work correctly on Firefox


  • Improved performance and smaller bundle size resulting from the move to Webpack 3 and its Module Concatenation Plugin
  • Fixed default hint padding
  • New 'power' profile for Basic settings


  • New default Link Hints Style that is easier to see and looks nicer (subjectively)
  • Minimum font-size setting now applies when a hint's target element's size is less than 6px


  • Link Hints can now be styled according to the target element's font size. This behavior is now the default
  • Link hint placement now ignores padding and borders
  • Added settings for specifying the horizontal and vertical translation of link hints. Default is to place link hints directly to the left of the target element
  • Firefox specific bug fixes. Firefox releases will henceforth be published together with Chrome releases.


  • Fixed bug that cause "Detect Hints Using Cursor Style" setting to be ignored
  • Added "Bind to physical keys" options so users can decide whether to bind commands to physical keys or to the characters produce from typing keys
  • Updated how keybindings are presented to the users
  • Modified many default keybindings. See Options Page or tutorial for the complete details
  • Updated documentation with new keybindings
  • Rearranged which category each setting is assigned to


  • Release notes are now shown on the info page (which appears when Saka Key updates)


  • Fixed bug that prevented link hints from detecting selects and textareas
  • Updated default mode's goBack and goForward bindings to cc and vv respectively
  • Improved link hints behavior on video elements and in fullscreen mode


  • Add Pass Key commands to make using page shortcuts possible
  • Add commands for opening links in background tabs, foreground tabs, new windows, incognito windows and downloading links
  • Typing Escape now always exits text inputs
  • Fixed a bug that broke scrolling if the user changed the scroll step


  • Better scroll element identification; scrolling on gmail now works
  • Added Pass Key Commands. You can now use a page's keyboard shortcuts (e.g. on github or gmail) without disabling Saka Key
  • Refactored and simplified mode's code
  • Updated/added developer documentation


  • Replaced About page with more helpful Info page that is opened on install/update
  • Updated link hints to work on popup


  • Multi-frame link hints
  • Regenerate clientSettings on startup so that Saka Key doesn't break when you close then reopen your browser
  • change default link hints binding from alt-f to ff

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