This tutorial uses the default profile's keybindings.

Scrolling is often the first thing you do on a web page. Saka Key makes it easy.


Scrolling down or up a page is simple.

  • Scroll Down - d or j
  • Scroll Up - s or k

You can scroll faster.

  • Scroll Half Page Down - shift-d
  • Scroll Half Page Up - shift-s
  • Scroll Full Page Down - shift-j
  • Scroll Full Page Up - shift-k

You can also scroll to the top or bottom of a page.

  • Scroll to Bottom - shift-g
  • Scroll to Top - gg (press and release g twice)

Sometimes you want to scroll left or right.

  • Scroll Left - alt-s or alt-k
  • Scroll Right - alt-d or alt-j


Use the Options Page to customize the key bindings for scrolling.

You can also adjust how scrolling works by modifying the following settings on the Options Page.

  • Scroll Step - controls how fast the page should scroll
  • Smooth Scroll - smooths the scrolling animation to make it feel more natural

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