Complete the following steps to ensure an optimal experience using Saka Key.

  1. Install Saka Key

    If you're viewing this page, you probably have Saka key installed. If not, follow the installation instructions.

  2. Switch to Power Command Profile

    If you aren't afraid of accidentally closing a tab or refreshing the page, change your profile for Command mode to power. This will enable faster, easier to type keyboard shortcuts.

  3. Enable Saka Key on File URLs

    1. Navigate to Chrome's Extensions Page by following either step a or b below

      a. Enter chrome://extensions into your URL bar and hit Enter

      b. In Chrome's toolbar dropdown menu, select More Tools then select Extensions

    2. Find Saka Key in the list of installed Extensions and enable the checkbox that says Allow access to file URLs Saka Key on Chrome Extensions Page

  4. Refresh Your Open Tabs

This gives Saka Key an opportunity to load. After this, Saka Key will just work.

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